Client Gallery

How do you choose the most effective learning strategy for a given training / performance problem? This gallery highlights some of the learning challenges and performance problems we have encountered over the years, and shows some of the strategies we employed.

Caltex - Walk the Site (Video Demo - Treasure Hunt)

This is video screen capture is made (with permission) from a Caltex copyright, staff training module, designed and built by Raven Design Pty Ltd.

In this module we wanted to provide on-screen practise in a customer facing procedure.  The employee is required to identify items in the workplace that need some form of action.  The items to be identified come from a checklist of possible issues provided to the learner in the form of a laminated job-aid.

We chose to demonstrate the procedure firstly with a video walk through, then with a simulation of three key areas at a service station. We asked the learner to use the job-aid as a reference and to find a set number of items in each scene. As each item is correctly identified the image is corrected and a supplementary question asked.

Raven Design is not just another training chop-house.  If you want e-Learning but are happy with PowerPoint style page turners, or if you want didactic, lecture style, face-to-face training, there are plenty of other people out there who can do it for you.  We create engaging, interactive training materials which directly target the training or performance issues your organisation needs to resolve or change, and we do it for the same cost as many of the so-called rapid development contractors.