• Instructional DesignTargeting Your Training Needs

    Raven Design uses a systematic methodology to accurately identify your organisational needs and the essential skill and knowledge requirements of the target audience.

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  • e-Learning DevelopmentEngaging On-line Learning That Works

    Our e-Learning programs are designed to engage the learner using highly interactive workplace problem solving activities and challenging practise environments that simulate the real world of work.

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  • Tailored SolutionsBlended Learning Just for You

    Our customised, blended learning programs utilise the most appropriate training methods to deliver problem based, discovery learning strategies that relate directly to the on-the-job context in which the learner will experience the real problems and make decisions.

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  • Online AssessmentSecure Evidence of Competence

    We provide secure competency assessments / reassessments to high risk enterprises that are designed to protect you and your employees through valid testing and recording of results.

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  • Return on Investment

    Are you getting real value for your training dollar?

    Training Audit

    Return on Investment

    There is a lot more to effective training than just telling people everything that you know. The traditional, lecture based "knowledge dump" is as effective as hunting flies with a shotgun. We will provide you with a professional appraisal of the effectiveness of your training, and help you focus your training dollar on the essential skills and knowledge needed by your employees in order for them to effectively contribute to your organisational goals.

  • Evaluation saves $$

    One of the most neglected elements of the training process, but, if done well, can save a lot of money and guarantee better on-the-job performance in the longer term.


    Evaluation Services saves $$

    We will design and implement evaluation systems for your business that accurately measure the effectiveness of your training programs and ensure that those programs are part of a continuous improvement process.

  • Is your e-Learning boring?

    How many tens of thousands of dollars are spent on e-Learning that is really little more than an on-screen book?


    Is your e-Learning boring?

    Our e-Learning philosophy says that the learning experience should be fun, engaging and effective.  Not just pretty pictures and easy outcomes, our modules are designed to provoke thought and to reflect the day-to-day decisions making and problem solving that your employees experience at work and to ensure that the lessons learned are transferred into improved performance in the workplace.

  • High Risk Skills Assessment

    If something went wrong in your workplace, could you rely on your current evidence of employee competence in court?

    On-line assessment

    High Risk Skills Assessment

    The first question generally asked following a workplace incident is, "was the person involved properly trained?", yet so many enterprises are unable to provide sufficient, reliable evidence.  We can take the worry away with a simple, trouble free process that ensures your business retains substantive competency records.

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Raven Design is not just another training chop-house. If you want e-Learning but are happy with PowerPoint style page turners, or if you want didactic, lecture style, face-to-face training, there are plenty of other people out there who can do it for you. We create engaging, interactive training materials which directly target the training or performance issues your organisation needs to resolve or change, and we do it for the same cost as many of the so-called rapid development contractors.