About Raven Design

We have been designing and building award winning learning strategies and materials for more than twenty years.  Our clients include major corporate and government bodies in Australia and overseas.

Raven Design's primary purpose is the design, development and dissemination of high quality, effective educational programs and services.  Our mission is to ensure that these programs and services result in markedly improved employee performance and enrichment.

To fulfil this mission Raven Design is committed to thorough and systematic analysis of performance problems, job tasks, processes and organisational needs with a view to developing viable, effective educational strategies and provable programs.

As a measure of our commitment to providing excellence in service, Raven Design offers all clients twelve months post implementation support at no additional charge.

Raven Design is not just another training chop-house.  If you want e-Learning but are happy with PowerPoint style page turners, or if you want didactic, lecture style, face-to-face training, there are plenty of other people out there who can do it for you.  We create engaging, interactive training materials which directly target the training or performance issues your organisation needs to resolve or change, and we do it for the same cost as many of the so-called rapid development contractors.